Cartels and Cabals

by Moses Hoskins


I don't pay much attention to any gallery "scene" although there was a time when it influenced me more directly than it does now. Observing from the margins, I see The Art World as not a community at all but rather a milieu of cartels and cabals, privileged ol' boy networks &/or covens of sanctimonious misandrists and genderists, factionally invested swinging dicks and politically advantaged cracked crotch cases, pampered deskilled legions, one trick ponies and the excessively acclaimed, mercenary alliances veiled in a PC guise secured by undermining agents, byzantine gatekeepers, influence peddlers, cavalier academicians gaming The System, getting over, throbbing for job security and benefits packages -and so on. That's artbiz, the same as in The Real World; $ & politics. Even so; they will not succeed in persuading me to hate art or to be ashamed to admit that I too am an "artist".

[About the author: Moses Hoskins is an artist in New York City.]