Anne Trauben at Fine Art Gallery at St. Peter's University

by Bruce Halpin


Anne Trauben, Fly by Night, 2020, 6.5 ft x 5 feet, mesh curtain, remnant fabric, remnant trim, ribbon, pom-poms, map pins

Anne Trauben’s contribution to the show “Forged in Fabric” at the Fine Arts Gallery at St. Peter’s University presents an intriguing glimpse into the workings of the artist’s process. Ms Trauben, an accomplished ceramic artist, pursues her aesthetic vision in fabric this time. Ms. Trauben has showed similar works in her offering for the Jersey City artists’ studio tour, but the tentativeness of her previous work has been replaced with a confident realization of her explorations of line, form and space. All her work expresses intuitively questions of connectedness, balance and space with an undeniable elegance. Ms. Trauben avoids empty beauty (although the works are very beautiful) with an innate ability to combine somewhat disparate textures and forms with a feeling of spontaneity and improvisation. While all the individual works stand on their own, the whole together can be seen as perhaps a conversation among each work with the others. Ms. Trauben considers the whole perhaps as a poem whose meaning may be ephemeral:some elements aligned with others in varying combinations. The works are all getting at something, even as that something is indistinct and the feeling fleeting. The piece that I find most compelling is “Fly by Night” which evokes a sense of a floating apparition, suspended in flight, it’s severe angularity mitigated by billowing curves and translucent material. Ms. Trauben hits this one out of the park.

[“Forged in Fabric” ran through March 20th at the Fine Arts Gallery at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City.]

[About the author: Bruce Halpin is an artist whose work includes paintings, drawings,constructions, and installations. Mr Halpin earned his MFA at Columbia University and has been the recipient of an Edward F Albee Foundation fellowship. His work is included in numerous collections, public and private. Mr Halpin lives and works in Jersey City.]