Delicious Line has published 500 reviews and concluded

Dear reader,

On February 3, 2021, Delicious Line published its 500th art review. As of that posting I declared it a completed project. Its suppporting nonprofit will dissolve but the site will stay online as an archive.

I maintain that Delicious Line was the best idea for publishing art criticism to come along in years when I established it in 2017, a date that now seems like another era, with us in a wholly new and strange one. I'm proud of Delicious Line's modest contribution to art criticism in the meantime - 500 reviews of as many exhibitions by ninety writers, covering 341 presenters from Boston to Hong Kong. I note, though, that it came at significant expense to my own art, and I'd like to go remedy that.

An early conception of Delicious Line was a decentralized platform that included a cryptocurrency. That was, frankly, a terrible idea, but the gist of the notion was correct. The publications need to re-center on the artists in their multiplicity - their polycentrality, if you will - and exhibition, scholarship, collection, and education must do likewise. This is my next project, and hope you'll sign up for my studio newsletter to follow along as that happens.

To everyone who supported Delicious Line, whether with donations, writing, or simple encouragement, you have my enduring thanks.


Franklin Einspruch
Editor-In-Chief, Delicious Line