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Current Nearness

Xavier Cortada: Antarctic Ice Paintings, reviewed by Elisa Turner (1,374.1 miles)

Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy, reviewed by William Corwin (2,381.1 miles)

French Pastels: Treasures from the Vault, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch (2,502.2 miles)

Stephanie Cardon: Unless, reviewed by Heather Kapplow (2,502.9 miles)

Time is Now: Photography and Social Change in James Baldwin’s America, reviewed by Heather Kapplow (2,504.4 miles)

Inhabiting Folk Portraits, reviewed by Stace Brandt (2,510.6 miles)

Neo Rauch: Aus dem Boden/From the Floor, reviewed by Alan Pocaro (2,678.4 miles)