14 Sep 2017

Anthony Palocci Jr.: It Can't Rain All The Time

How's Howard?

Reviewed by David Curcio

Snooze, a tight painting of an alarm clock reading 6:03, commences Anthony Palocci's group of thirteen paintings. Is that 6:03 AM or PM? It feels either too early or too late. This bit of agita followed me as I wended around the walls of How’s Howard?’s show of Palocci's 11x15 gouaches. Stand with a piece for a minute, and an attachment can develop quickly. There's a private, mutual understanding between the viewer and what we know is just an object. But is it a bond with painting as object, or is it the object that’s painted? It's tense. AM or PM?

A car door. A gun, clip and ammo. A stay-tab on a beer. An autobiographical bar of soap. How about the gun? Do we care? Each painting is a question, but the answer doesn’t matter. We can recognize them as familiar. We don't pretend to know just what they mean but we're already pals. I finally found myself lost in a domed landscape of pointed metal pyramids surrounding a cylinder glowing like an oracle. What is it?

Exhibition Anthony Palocci Jr.: It Can't Rain All The Time
Start date 08 Sep 2017
End date 15 Oct 2017
Presenter How's Howard? link
Venue 450 Harrison Avenue, Suite 309c, Boston, MA, USA map
Image Anthony Palocci, Abstract Landscape with Pyramids and Magnet, 2017, gouache on paper, 15 x 11 inches, courtesy of the artist

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