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06 Oct 2017

Eileen Weitzman: Traversing A Different World

Anthony Philip Fine Art

Reviewed by Elizabeth Johnson

Eileen Weitzman will not be contained. Her colorful, assembled sculpture-painting - or painted sculptures - stridently oppose gravity, form, and control at Anthony Philip Fine Art.

Weitzman works aggressively, cutting then reattaching shapes from stretched canvas. Zigzag threads fill canvas gaps, splicing sacrifice with repair. Applying thick paint, and working zones of interest with bits of yarn, thread, fur, wire, burlap, fabric, paper maché, plastic, and cardboard, she unifies several stand-alone islands of design and makes it look easy. Stuffed canvas arms, legs, and torsos reach past the frame, seeking escape.

Focusing restlessness to narrate specific social and political issues, Weitzman composes toy guns, newspaper clippings, and crawling babies in relation to quirky chaos. You Must Remember This (2017) unfolds as a flying figure, resolving a need to flee this world with a need to engage it and decorate the solution.

Exhibition Eileen Weitzman: Traversing A Different World
Start date 08 Sep 2017
End date 29 Oct 2017
Presenter Anthony Philip Fine Art link
Venue 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA map
Image Eileen Weitzman, You Must Remember This, 2017, gouache, pen, ink, handmade paper, fabric, thread, courtesy of Anthony Philip Fine Art

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