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18 Oct 2017

Tony Moore: Children of Light

Sideshow Gallery

Reviewed by Elizabeth Michelman

Arrayed on pylons of rusted steel, Tony Moore’s ceramic architectures, reminiscent of ziggurats, pyramids, and cliff-dwellings, confront the viewer at eye level. The monumental forms weigh as much as a grown man. Their stony surfaces are shadowed and pitted by the flame and ash of superheated wood slow-burned for days in ancient kilns. They feel lovingly grounded in the life of the earth.

The Injustice of Silence brutalizes raw clay in a display of primal energies that mimics the upthrust of tectonic forces. Moore hurls balls of clay into a mass, then jabs and pummels it into a twisted commune of cliffs, fissures, and strata. A charred cataract binds terrains of tan and gray oxides in a faceted landscape of fire and frost.

His Fragments series constructs micro-architectures from chunks and curlicues hacked off the original 400-pound blocks of clay. These works impart in finer scale the muscle and pathos of Moore’s vision, furthering MLK's as a bulwark against despair.

Exhibition Tony Moore: Children of Light link
Start date 14 Oct 2017
End date 12 Nov 2017
Presenter Sideshow Gallery link
Venue 319 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA map
Image Tony Moore, The Injustice of Silence, 2017, clay and steel, courtesy of the artist

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