26 Oct 2017

Julie Weitz: The Hand Network, HUMDOG a prelude

Chimento Contemporary

Reviewed by Jeff Hansen

Julie Weitz's The Hand Network, HUMDOG a prelude, a multimedia video project involving choreographed sculpture, cinematography, and a scored soundtrack. The work gives voice to the writings of Carmen "humdog" Hermosillo, a controversial Cuban-American essayist and important figure of cybernetic history and internet subculture.

Cyberspace, depicted as a frozen landscape of ghostly Greek busts, floating hands, penis-shaped candles, and a grid of metal chains, conjures images of the past. A scene of fingertips touching evokes Michelangelo's Creation of Adam.

Weitz gives flesh to the digital with a museum-quality finish. An impeccable C-print hangs in the theater behind viewers like a ghostly sci-fi movie poster. Director David Cronenberg, the YouTube ASMR phenomenon, and philosophers such as Henri Bergson are among many influences on Weitz's anti-CGI aesthetic. The video title, a simple blue font over a black screen, signals the beginning of something mesmerizing, seductive, and new.

Exhibition Julie Weitz: The Hand Network, HUMDOG a prelude
Start date 09 Sep 2017
End date 28 Oct 2017
Presenter Chimento Contemporary link
Venue 622 South Anderson Street, Space 105, Los Angeles, CA, USA map
Image Julie Weitz, video still from The Hand Network, courtesy of Chimento Contemporary

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