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18 Jan 2018

David Goldes: Electricities

Yossi Milo Gallery

Reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

Graphite conducts electricity. So do metal wires, up to a point. Paper, not so much.

David Goldes's studio practice explores electrical conductivity and lack thereof on a fine-art template. A series of graphite drawings fill the front room of Yossi Milo. They depict dusky, geometric forms with a metallic sheen on even darker backgrounds. Voltage has been run through them until the paper burns away at some of the graphical intersections.

A sampling of photographs nearby has him applying current to wire constructions that have been placed on paper-collage backgrounds. They appear to be burning sculptures in vibrantly painted rooms, but closer inspection reveals it all to be a fiction of colored paper and wires arranged in orthogonal perspective.

The gee-whiz aspect of the project weighs on the art effect, but doesn't smother it. Goldes's "Circuit Drawings" convey a spooky minimalism, lent welcome irregularity by the electrified breakdown of the supports.

Exhibition David Goldes: Electricities link
Start date 14 Dec 2017
End date 27 Jan 2018
Presenter Yossi Milo Gallery link
Venue 245 Tenth Avenue, New York City, NY, USA map
Image David Goldes, Circuit Drawings: Together and Apart #8, 2017, graphite on black gessoed paper, electrified with 15,000 volts, unique, courtesy of Yossi Milo Gallery

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