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07 Mar 2018

Rita McBride: Particulates


Reviewed by William Corwin

While basking in the vibrating and radioactive green glow of McBride's installation, it seems like a convincing proposition that you might be in the presence of a cosmic wormhole. The drip of the condensation and the whir of the generator in this dank concrete chamber add a auditory rhythm to the ebb and flow of dust and vapor that passes through the twisted circle of laser beams that form a hyperbolic tube, signifying some unattainable passageway that we can't quite touch. (There are custom stanchions as well as alarming warning signs about getting too close to the light).

Is this a take on Flavin? It is, a variation on the ghostly and rectilinear Untitled (to you, Heiner, with Admiration and Affection) from 1973. It's similar to the way that one might perform Aeschylus in an amphitheater in Delphi or on the surface of Dune's Arakis (sandworms, Mentats, and all), a flickering dialogue between two artists' visions of the supernatural gateway between worlds.

Exhibition Rita McBride: Particulates link
Start date 17 Oct 2017
End date 02 Jun 2018
Presenter Dia:Chelsea link
Venue 541 West 22nd Street, New York City, NY, USA map
Image Rita McBride, Particulates, 2017, installation view, © Rita McBride, photo by Joerg Lohse, courtesy of the Dia Art Foundation

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