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11 Apr 2018


Polish Institute in Budapest, Latarka Gallery

Reviewed by William Corwin

Incidental revelations emerge from the periphery. A brilliant exhibition, atmospherically placed in the crypt of the Polish Institute, claims an M.O. in 18th-century Catholic architecture, but its goals are higher.

Viewers are greeted by Ervin Bekesi's disembodied church steeple/UFO Another Religion (2017) and Dy Tagowska's oil The Mammoth from Vilanov (2018), depicting a mammoth bone excavated during construction of a church. The artists' radars are clearly set to discern the miraculous in the humdrum.

Works vary in their subtlety. Kamil Moscowczenko's precisely executed elevations explore the level of sacredness conferred on a structure when a cross is incorporated in a design. Lukasz Huculak's faux-marble panel paintings are gem-like meditations on the psychedelic potential of building materials. Individually the works present delightfully suspicious clues of a hidden spirituality. Taken together they present an irrefutable narrative, or at least a decent conspiracy theory.

Exhibition Re-Vival link
Start date 21 Mar 2018
End date 19 Apr 2018
Presenter Polish Institute in Budapest link
Venue Latarka Gallery, Nagymező u. 15., Budapest, HUN map
Image Ervin Bekesi, Another Religion, 2017, courtesy of the Polish Institute of Budapest

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