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02 May 2018

Suara Welitoff: The Feeling of a Feeling

Anthony Greaney

Reviewed by John Pyper

Suara Welitoff has been capturing still movement throughout her career. Looking out the window during a train ride, flowers moving gently in the wind, the parallax view of word on page, but still more. Her lens cares about awareness. It captures a sumptuous moment and makes it slow enough and last long enough that we can finally see it for what it is.

Welitoff doesn't slow time down and petrify it into a fearful monument. These moments are not thickened to sludge by their slowing. The images are a light and airy lo-fi album captured in one take and released on cassette only. There is a glitch or streak here and there created by the limits of technology but they're surprisingly readable considering their technical source. We drink in the hues of these images, bumping up only against time, the endlessness of the loop. Like ambient music, it is a mixture of sensations and formal ratios. With only four pieces in the show, it is intimate and invites focus and admiration.

Exhibition Suara Welitoff: The Feeling of a Feeling
Start date 21 Apr 2018
End date 23 Jun 2018
Presenter Anthony Greaney link
Venue 438 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, MA, USA map
Image Suara Welitoff, video from The Feeling of a Feeling, courtesy of Anthony Greaney

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