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10 May 2018

Angelina Gualdoni: Casa della Nuova Strega

Asya Geisberg Gallery

Reviewed by Suzanne Unrein

Angelina Gualdoni's "House of the New Witch" revels in the power of the female mystique, the roles of sorceress and creator, while constructing compositional disorders through spatial mashups. Interiors and still lifes mingle with shapes from the works of female artists of the past that are painted on the back of unprimed canvases and seep through as an inherited visual language. Bewitching worlds turn seemingly ordinary household objects into tools for secret ceremonies, and ancient Peruvian ceramics into magical anthropomorphic creatures.

In Cabinet Painting (2018) the stains ooze out of the walls and floor, creating an eerie and dominating lineage. A cabinet of curiosities is dimly lit in a box of emerald, blue, and violet while its doors have a warped perspective that lends form and confuses. A flattened female Moche figurine is freed from the architectural concerns and the secret world of the human-like objects, appearing as a feminist rebellion to the ancestral spirits.

Exhibition Angelina Gualdoni: Casa della Nuova Strega link
Start date 05 Jan 2018
End date 12 May 2018
Presenter Asya Geisberg Gallery link
Venue 537b West 23rd Street, New York City, NY, USA map
Image Angelina Gualdoni, Cabinet Painting, 2018, oil and acrylic on canvas, 52 x 47 inches, courtesy of Asya Geisberg Gallery

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