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28 Jan 2019

Markus Rey

Galerie am Lindenhof

Reviewed by Heather Kapplow

Markus Rey's work is a series of large, square, hyper-realistic still lives called, simply, "Things." Each "thing," painted in acrylic on pressboard, has a number for a title. Its subject matter sits on a pedestal in front of the painting, perhaps for comparison

Sometimes the subject is playful. Paintings depict marbles, Looney Tunes figurines, and gummy bears. And other times, it's more pragmatic. A lemon slice, a spent light bulb, some bread and water, and two cigarette butts also get immortalized. In each case, the paintings transcend the "things," often distorting their scale in a way that feels amorphously metaphorical, like the way a stubbed toe momentarily becomes more important than other body parts.

The story here is the stillness of the still life, which becomes a brush-based meditation practice that can take anything as its subject matter. This interpretation is borne out by a simulation of a Japanese-style seal that Rey paints onto each image, reading "here and now."

Exhibition Markus Rey
Start date 24 Jan 2019
End date 28 Jan 2019
Presenter Galerie am Lindenhof link
Venue Pfalzgasse 3 8001, Zürich, CHE map
Image Markus Rey, no. 399, from the series Dinge (Things), 2018, 103 x 93 centimeters, courtesy of Galerie am Lindenhof

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