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06 Sep 2019

Papagena und andere schräge Vögel (Papagena and Other Weird Birds)

Musée Visionnaire

Reviewed by Heather Kapplow

This small outsider art museum features a broad collection of work that it identifies as either operatic or opulent - an inspired curatorial approach that allows for a unique cross-section of work and artists.

The bulk of the space is devoted to the work of Bernhard Vogelsanger (1945-95). Vogelsanger directed large casts of intricate hand-wrought paper marionettes. They performed some of the world’s best-known operas on detailed micro-stages, in perfect sync with recordings on vinyl. The theatrical worlds are meticulous, and there's an uncanny moment for visitors who sit (in Vogelsanger's home theater seats) through a short cinema verite piece about him on a monitor inside of his puppet proscenium: at the end he bows on his own tiny stage.

Other standout works (for a non-German speaker) are a heady, over-the-top smorgasbord of crocheted delicacies by Madam Tricot, and the whimsical-but-elegant costume designs for a fashion show put on by HORA, Zurich’s 100% "mentally disabled" theater company, in 1998.

Exhibition Papagena und andere schräge Vögel (Papagena and Other Weird Birds) link
Start date 16 Jan 2019
End date 28 Jul 2019
Presenter Musée Visionnaire link
Venue Predigerplatz 10, Zürich, CHE map
Image Bernhard Vogelsanger, courtesy of the Musée Visionnaire

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