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06 Jan 2020

Thom Cooney Crawford

Nurture Nature Center

Reviewed by Elizabeth Johnson

Thom Cooney Crawford fills the cavernous Nurture Nature Center Theater Gallery, nailing the coordinates of a groundless, mobile perspective. Micro-crystalline wax sculptures and acrylic and oil paintings culled from forty years' work depict universes, stars, planets, and black holes studding the voids. Burial-shrouded, child-sized, sightless, Janus-faced Orpheus Figures orbit Angel Tree Shapeshifter, suggesting that disturbing but serene intergalactic excursions occur during meditation, sleep, or death.

With Ancient Twists equates the curvature of a white eyeball with the surface of a mirrored lens. A black pupil inside the eye encloses a distant, white-yellow-red-green planet. This planet reflects its color back to us, seeming to replace the original eye with a conjured one.

Rendering paradox through contrasting circles and ellipses, Cooney Crawford elicits the horror and beauty of a transformed, warped, skewed existence at great conceptual distance from Earth.

Exhibition Thom Cooney Crawford
Start date 11 Oct 2019
End date 05 Jan 2020
Presenter Nurture Nature Center link
Venue 518 Northampton Street, Easton, PA, USA map
Image Thom Cooney Crawford, With Ancient Twists, 2019, oil on panel, 12.5 x 22.5 inches, courtesy of the artist

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