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03 Mar 2020

Robin Dash: Paintings on Paintings

Carroll and Sons

Reviewed by Liza Bingham

In the jewel box space of Carroll and Sons is Robin Dash's show "Paintings on Paintings," a suite of works that can also read as a single installation. There's something hypnotic to what the artist refers to as the "on-goingness" of the project suggested by the title.

It takes deftness to keep discrete layers of paint, some years old, in play simultaneously. Dash counters that nimbleness with an equal embrace of a certain ham-handed wonkiness. This visual dissonance seems part of Dash's modus operandi as she works over time. The seductive blush of a glazed passage is overlapped by looming shapes of thick opacity. Pollock-like drips made with student-grade acrylics peek out from behind a vaguely leaf-like silhouette, lusciously painted with pedigreed oils acquired from the studio of Pat Passlof and Milton Resnick. These paintings acknowledge art history but also demonstrate a restlessness to keep in the moment.

Exhibition Robin Dash: Paintings on Paintings
Start date 05 Feb 2020
End date 21 Mar 2020
Presenter Carroll and Sons link
Venue 450 Harrison Avenue, Room 404, Boston, MA, USA map
Image Robin Dash, untitled, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, courtesy of Carroll and Sons

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