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24 Nov 2020

Hold the Horizon Close

Marquee Projects

Reviewed by Elizabeth Johnson

Guest curator Benjamin Tischer's "Hold The Horizon Close" detects intimacy in division, and poetry in comparing the ever-unreachable horizon with the imperative for artists to challenge themselves. Paul Gabrielli, collaborators Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus of LoVid, and Agathe Snow differentiate everyday objects, electricity, and color into new affinities.

Gabrielli's vertically installed wooden shelf anchors a piece of aluminum painted to look like commercial package backing, briefly suggesting an upended horizon with a cloud. Magically, the tension between utilitarian and contrived details keeps all interpretations open. LoVid presents a video, prints, and tapestries made from audio-video synthesizer signals. Drought Picnic enriches the virtual to physical interface with photos, visualizing climate change as futuristic decor. In Snow's outdoor installation, We're All Gonna Die, a red wreath of life vests and PVC piping divides the yard into a vortex against everything else, setting symbols of rescue against a funny, personal, and all-too-true declaration.

Exhibition Hold the Horizon Close link
Start date 26 Oct 2020
End date 29 Nov 2020
Presenter Marquee Projects link
Venue 14 Bellport Lane, Bellport, NY, USA map
Image LoVid, “Drought Picnic," 2020, dye sublimated print on satin, 53 x 37 inches, courtesy of New Discretions and Marquee Projects

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