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05 Apr 2017

Dirk Adams: the sensation of moving slowly back in time

Distillery Gallery

Reviewed by Heather Kapplow

Dirk Adams's installation at the Distillery Gallery is several things simultaneously. It's a showcase of his idiosyncratic but relatable methods of parsing and connecting with the found materials he typically works with: an obsessive, yet improvised catalog of rust and dust and the evidence that objects bear of the their history.

It's a set for two performances, each an investigation laced with humor and the fine art of problem-solving on the fly.

It's a laboratory for experimenting with a set of rules. The performances feel like eerie glimpses into the deep past, a peephole on the cave-dweller's trial-and-error process of inventing, discarding, and refining tools.

Elements of the installation become musical instruments, used to develop a soundtrack for everything else that happens there.

Lastly there is an olfactory dimension, best left under-described, but definitely enhancing the work's main theme: humanness as the dogged application of perception to matter.

Exhibition Dirk Adams: the sensation of moving slowly back in time
Start date 06 Mar 2017
End date 08 Apr 2017
Presenter Distillery Gallery link
Venue 516 East 2nd Street, Boston, MA, USA map
Image Dirk Adams, performance view, photo Heather Kapplow

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