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20 Apr 2018

Lucy Mink

Barney Savage Gallery

Reviewed by Suzanne Unrein

Lucy Mink's paintings hide meaning in architectural playgrounds. Crowded arrangements of forms move you inwardly through the composition while your mind attempts recognition of individual parts. Textile patterns tame nature and offer fragments of homeyness to the rabbit hole of warping perspective.

On Top of It (2018) is an expert's game of color and arrangement. A subdued yet vibrant red, shaped like Matisse cutouts, weaves confidently through patterned planes and remnants of construction. The space is seen from above, a staircase leading internally, with the open landscape far away. Like all of Mink's paintings, there is a specific mood here, a feeling that memory and psychological schisms are in play. Multiple thoughts and ideas simultaneously vie for space – integrating and competing, overlapping and maneuvering.

Titles like Talking, If You Want It and Fall In nudge at hidden connections to these visual mysteries.

Exhibition Lucy Mink
Start date 30 Mar 2018
End date 29 Apr 2018
Presenter Barney Savage Gallery link
Venue 87 Franklin Street, New York City, NY, USA (between Chruch and Broadway) map
Image Lucy Mink, On Top of It, 2018, oil on linen, 24 x 20 inches, courtesy of Barney Savage Gallery

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