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07 May 2018

Ursula von Rydingsvard: The Contour of Feeling

Fabric Workshop and Museum

Reviewed by Jan Castro

The soft, curving sides of Ocean Voices, the tipsy, rippling Ocean Floor, and a few delicate silk and paper-pulp works express Ursula von Rydingsvard's gentler side, as her mega-ton cedar shapes fill three floors at The Fabric Workshop and Museum.

"The Contour of Feeling" invites viewers to take in Zakopane, a 138-inch high, wall-sized, roughly hewn symphony of cedar bins. Echo and Sunken Shadow, individualized male and female shovels over twelve feet high, could be side-by-side vertical coffin lids. The male has a larger frame and square shoulders in contrast to the female's slouch and footprints on its surface.

In PODERWAC (tearing apart), blue tape maps the body of a giant leather jacket, sewn from 150 vintage ones, as its armless sleeves trail on the ground. Cos and Krypta I, larger-than-human cedar sculptures with deep grooves and sharp ridges, express wounds, anger, and collective sorrow. This retrospective captures both protective spirits and phantoms of angst.

Exhibition Ursula von Rydingsvard: The Contour of Feeling link
Start date 27 Apr 2018
End date 26 Aug 2018
Presenter Fabric Workshop and Museum link
Venue 1214 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA map
Image Ursula von Rydingsvard, Zakopane, 1987, cedar, paint, 11.5 x 22 x 3 feet, courtesy of Ursula von Rydingsvard and Galerie Lelong & Co., New York

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