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25 Jun 2018

william cordova now's the time: narratives of southern alchemy

Pérez Art Museum Miami

Reviewed by Elisa Turner

Making the most of a minimalist aesthetic, william cordova freights every surface and mark with the metaphoric abundance of haiku. The decision to abandon upper case letters could seem childish and sloppy. But this humble format, he says, alludes to an interest in activist writer and poet bell hooks. cordova's simple typography speaks to his transgressive art.

Over sixty works from 1993 to 2018 are created with surprising materials and media: vinyl record jackets, Peruvian stones, correction fluid. His deep interests in music, architecture, cinema, and cultural histories intermingle to transform the recycled ordinary into rare treasures. Often but not always the intermingling yields poetic alchemy, altering ways to understand art's imaginative gifts.

daniel boone, pat boone y mary boone (2008) unfurls undulating streams of delicate drawings of tires, moving through layers of tough colonial history in art and industry. It maps an evolving terrain.

Exhibition william cordova now's the time: narratives of southern alchemy link
Start date 27 Apr 2018
End date 07 Oct 2018
Presenter Pérez Art Museum Miami link
Venue 1103 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL, USA map
Image william cordova, daniel boone, pat boone y mary boone (and firestone, pero los Olmecas venceran), 2008, gold leaf, paper collage, and spray enamel on reclaimed backdrop paper, 108 x 120 inches, Estrellita B. Brodsky Collection, © william cordova, Image courtesy of the artist

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