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14 Sep 2018

Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson: Swamp Reclaims the Pool

Deering Estate

Reviewed by Elisa Turner

Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson conceive their joyfully colored and disorienting paintings together, building upon a longtime history of working in sync, even when miles apart. Their imaginations rove among similar dream-like terrains. They upend realistic renderings with what they have called, for this exhibit, "sci-fi alternate realities" engulfing their backyards.

Shifting surfaces shimmer and multiply. Perspectives pierce upward through water to sky, or down through water to darkness. A classic South Florida suburban pool is no longer predictable and dull. The artists inject bizarre, rebellious humor, recalling the region's swampy origins and rising seas.

They show us a woman swimming at night. Upon reaching the surface, her head becomes an alligator's gaping mouth. Other figures tussle with a giant turtle in a strange water world. People gather in Midnight, Poolside (2018) to search and stare into the depths. Perhaps they see suburbia reverting to its ancient origins.

Exhibition Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson: Swamp Reclaims the Pool
Start date 30 Jun 2018
End date 14 Sep 2018
Presenter Deering Estate link
Venue 16701 SW 72nd Avenue, Palmetto Bay, FL, USA map
Image Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson, Midnight, Poolside, 2018, oil on canvas, 66 x 48 inches, courtesy of the artists

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