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31 Oct 2019

What Surrounds

Ely Center of Contemporary Art

Reviewed by Audra Lambert

Traipsing through scenes both familiar and foreign, curator Heather Rubald's "What Surrounds" features works spanning a range of mediums by Rita Bard, Wendy Copp, Aimee Hertog, Maureen O'Leary, Fay Stanford, and Julie Ward.

The exhibition presents a contemporary, sometimes introspective consideration of the natural world as encountered across sensation and fragmented impressions. Viewers encounter a dash of night sky careening off into the distance over cedars in a painting by Maureen O'Leary. A turn of the head reveals a surrealist scene: Bard's work in which an eyeball peers out from the prickle of grassy fields.

O'Leary and Bard dissect contrasting visions of contemporary environments. In Bard's photo-collage, the eye is ever restructuring the surrounding natural world. O'Leary's scenes of suburban malaise and majestic woods are hastily executed, reminiscent of landscapes captured in the blur of a digital camera.

Nature finds itself in a comfortable home in this thoughtfully presented exhibit, released - and encumbered - by the mediation of modern technology.

Exhibition What Surrounds
Start date 13 Oct 2019
End date 10 Nov 2019
Presenter Ely Center of Contemporary Art link
Venue 51 Trumbull Street, New Haven, CT, USA map
Image Maureen O'leary, untitled, oil on linen, 30 x 30 inches, courtesy of the artist

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