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13 Dec 2018, Brooklyn: Remy Jungerman: Based In, Robert Henry Contemporary, reviewed by William Corwin

06 Dec 2018, Pinecrest: Xavier Cortada: Antarctic Ice Paintings, Hibiscus Gallery, reviewed by Elisa Turner

06 Dec 2018, Boston: Stephanie Cardon: Unless, Now + There, Prudential Center, Boylston Entrance, reviewed by Heather Kapplow

06 Dec 2018, Des Moines: Neo Rauch: Aus dem Boden/From the Floor, Des Moines Art Center, reviewed by Alan Pocaro

01 Dec 2018, New York City: Krištof Kintera: Do Not Litter, Do Not Feed Birds and Do Not Push the Help Button (Yet), Czech Center New York, reviewed by William Corwin

29 Nov 2018, Cambridge: Time is Now: Photography and Social Change in James Baldwin’s America, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, reviewed by Heather Kapplow

14 Nov 2018, Chicago: Peeling off the Grey, National Museum of Mexican Art, reviewed by Nina Versenyi

09 Nov 2018, New York City: Susan Vecsey, Berry Campbell, reviewed by Maria-Lisa Farmakidis

09 Nov 2018, Asheville: Introducing Frank Hursh, Blue Spiral 1, reviewed by Andy Gambrell

02 Nov 2018, Harvard: Inhabiting Folk Portraits, Fruitlands Museum, reviewed by Stace Brandt

01 Nov 2018, Miami: Mira Lehr: Tracing the Red Thread, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, reviewed by Elisa Turner

01 Nov 2018, Brooklyn: Shari Mendelson: Glasslike, Agnes Varis Art Center at UrbanGlass, reviewed by Suzanne Unrein

26 Oct 2018, New York City: Marisa Takal: People People People People People Building, Jeffrey Stark, reviewed by William Corwin

21 Oct 2018, New York City: Pooneh Maghazehe: Double Zero, 17Essex, reviewed by William Corwin

20 Oct 2018, San Francisco: Susan Meiselas: Mediations , San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, reviewed by Lani Asher

09 Oct 2018, New York City: Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy, Met Breuer, reviewed by William Corwin

05 Oct 2018, North Miami: Sara Stites: Journey, Under the Bridge, reviewed by Elisa Turner

04 Oct 2018, New York City: Jane Fine: Love, American Style, Pierogi, reviewed by Suzanne Unrein

29 Sep 2018, Brooklyn: Tim Kent: Dark Pools and Data Lakes, Slag Gallery, reviewed by William Corwin

28 Sep 2018, Toronto: Jean-François Lauda, Angell Gallery, reviewed by Andy Gambrell

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