19 Jun 2017, New York City: Steve Keene: Can't Wait!, Marlborough Contemporary, reviewed by William Corwin

16 Jun 2017, New York City: Elias Sime: Twisted & Hidden, James Cohan Gallery, reviewed by William Corwin

15 Jun 2017, Nuremberg: The Most Beautiful Cities in Europe: The Edition compiled by Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg 1572-1640, Germanisches National Museum, reviewed by Vera Wilde

14 Jun 2017, Paris: Camille Pissarro: The First of the Impressionists, Marmottan Monet Museum, reviewed by Ann Saul

14 Jun 2017, Cambridge: An Inventory of Shimmers: Objects of Intimacy in Contemporary Art, List Visual Arts Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reviewed by Heather Kapplow

13 Jun 2017, Chicago: Kadar Brock: summon artifact, Patron Gallery, reviewed by Alan Pocaro

12 Jun 2017, Cambridge: The Philosophy Chamber: Art and Science in Harvard’s Teaching Cabinet, 1766-1820, Harvard Art Museums, reviewed by Christopher Snow Hopkins

09 Jun 2017, New York City: Judith Barry: imagination, dead imagine, Mary Boone Gallery, reviewed by William Corwin

09 Jun 2017, New York City: Fifty-Three Stations of the Upright Tokaido, Ronin Gallery, reviewed by Michael Stiefel

08 Jun 2017, Ithaca: The War to End All Wars: Artists and World War I, Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, reviewed by Arthur Whitman

07 Jun 2017, New Haven: Lawrence Morelli: The Third Person, Artspace, reviewed by Heather Kapplow

07 Jun 2017, Venice: China Beautiful, Biennale di Venezia, Pavilion of the Chinese Republic, Arsenale, reviewed by Rob Mackenzie

07 Jun 2017, Miami: John Dunkley: Neither Day nor Night, Pérez Art Museum Miami, reviewed by Elisa Turner

02 Jun 2017, Durham: Nina Chanel Abney: Royal Flush, Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University, reviewed by Christopher Vitiello

01 Jun 2017, Frankfurt am Main: Photographs Become Pictures: The Becher Class, Städel Museum, reviewed by Vera Wilde

01 Jun 2017, Columbus: Gray Matters, Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, reviewed by Sarah Rose Sharp

31 May 2017, Dallas: Between Heaven and Hell: The Drawings of Jusepe de Ribera, Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University, reviewed by Tim McClure

30 May 2017, Chicago: It will be more like scratching than writing, Goldfinch, reviewed by Alan Pocaro

28 May 2017, New York City: Seurat's Circus Sideshow, Metropolitan Museum of Art, reviewed by Arthur Whitman

25 May 2017, Frankfurt: René Magritte: The Treachery of Images, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, reviewed by Vera Wilde

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