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21 Feb 2018, New York City: Leon Golub: Raw Nerve, Met Breuer, reviewed by Suzanne Unrein

20 Feb 2018, Miami: Mette Tommerup: Ocean Loop, Emerson Dorsch, reviewed by Elisa Turner

19 Feb 2018, Houston: Dana Frankfort: there was a stone, Inman Gallery, reviewed by John Hovig

16 Feb 2018, North Miami: Tom Scicluna: FREE, Under the Bridge, reviewed by Elisa Turner

15 Feb 2018, New York City: John Opper: Paintings from the 1960s and 1970s, Berry Campbell, reviewed by Kim Uchiyama

14 Feb 2018, New York City: Julie Schenkelberg: Reliquary, Asya Geisberg Gallery, reviewed by Jan Castro

13 Feb 2018, Albany: Between the Lines, Albany Center Gallery, reviewed by Ashley Norwood Cooper

11 Feb 2018, Boston: Culture Hustlers: Artists Minding Their Business, Mills Gallery, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

09 Feb 2018, Cambridge: Inventur: Art in Germany, 1943-55, Harvard Art Museums, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

03 Feb 2018, New York City: Vincent Desiderio: Theseus, Marlborough Gallery, reviewed by Harry Newman

02 Feb 2018, Brooklyn: Primal Matter: Ruth Hardinger and Cynthia Hartling, 490 Atlantic, reviewed by Elizabeth Johnson

01 Feb 2018, Waltham: Sandrine Schaefer: Pace Investigations No. 6, Mobius, Watch Factory Riverwalk, reviewed by Heather Kapplow

26 Jan 2018, Miami: Jordan Massengale: Mask: Squash and Stretch, Flowerbox Projects, reviewed by Kerry Ware

24 Jan 2018, New York City: Suzy Spence: A Night Among the Horses, Sears Peyton Gallery, reviewed by William Corwin

19 Jan 2018, Philadelphia: Kiefer Rodin, Barnes Foundation, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

18 Jan 2018, New York City: David Goldes: Electricities, Yossi Milo Gallery, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

16 Jan 2018, Miami: Pepe Mar: Man of the Night, Locust Projects, reviewed by Elisa Turner

16 Jan 2018, Berlin: Landscape Between Impressionism and Expressionism: Masterpieces by Hagemeister and Leistikow, Bröhan-Museum, reviewed by Vera Wilde

05 Jan 2018, New York City: Elizabeth Catlett: Wake Up in Glory, Burning in Water, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

04 Jan 2018, New York City: Clive Head: Zoetic-Realism, Hollis Taggart Galleries, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

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