01 Aug 2018, Mexico City: Dr. Lakra and Mezcal Los Dos Amigos, kurimanzutto, reviewed by Suzanne Unrein

31 Jul 2018, Watertown: Michelle Grabner: Picnic, Drive-By Projects, reviewed by Shana Dumont Garr

30 Jul 2018, Chatham: Mark LaRiviere: A Certain Light, Thompson Giroux Gallery, reviewed by Simon Carr

27 Jul 2018, Boston: Kevin Beasley, Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, reviewed by John Pyper

26 Jul 2018, San Francisco: Karin Wikstrom: Cube, tube, oblong, etc., Don Soker Gallery, reviewed by Lani Asher

25 Jul 2018, Somerville: Jenny Holzer: Truisms and Inflammatory Essays, Benjamin Ogilvy Projects, Pictures Efface Walls, reviewed by Heather Kapplow

24 Jul 2018, Cooperstown: Splash, Art Garage - Cooperstown, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

23 Jul 2018, Houston: Elaine Bradford and Sara Cress: Routine Fables, Lawndale Art Center, reviewed by Renata Lucia

19 Jul 2018, Boston: Unturned: Shao Yuan Zhang & Fafnir Adamites, Fountain Street Gallery, reviewed by Heather Kapplow

17 Jul 2018, New York City: Glazed: Angela Dufresne and Louis Fratino, Monya Rowe Gallery, reviewed by Suzanne Unrein

14 Jul 2018, Melbourne: Colony: Australia 1770-1861, National Gallery of Victoria, NGV Australia, reviewed by Ranger Thomas

11 Jul 2018, New York City: The Possibilities of Line, McKenzie Fine Art, reviewed by Harry Newman

10 Jul 2018, Miami: Linda Lopez: Intermission, Mindy Solomon Gallery, reviewed by Elisa Turner

09 Jul 2018, New York City: Seed, Paul Kasmin Gallery, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

06 Jul 2018, Chicago: Helen Frankenthaler Prints: The Romance of a New Medium, Art Institute of Chicago, reviewed by Alan Pocaro

05 Jul 2018, New York City: Bo Bartlett, Miles McEnery Gallery, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

04 Jul 2018, Miami: Configuration: Tess Dempsey and Whitney Ramage, Bakehouse Art Complex, reviewed by Elisa Turner

03 Jul 2018, Boston: French Pastels: Treasures from the Vault, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, reviewed by Franklin Einspruch

02 Jul 2018, Salem: Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings, Peabody Essex Museum, reviewed by Jonathan Simcosky

29 Jun 2018, Santa Ana: Jhafis Quintero: Una serie de eventos desafortunados en el pasado me obligaban en el presente a comer deprisa, Diablo Rosso, reviewed by Joel Winkelman

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