Reviews by Vera Wilde

29 Sep 2017: From Hopper to Rothko: America's Road to Modern Art

19 Sep 2017: Robert Bosisio: Human

13 Sep 2017: Gaston-Louis Roux and Avant-Gardism

05 Sep 2017: Picasso Perpignan: Le cercle de l’intime, 1953-1955

03 Aug 2017: Gerhard Richter

27 Jul 2017: Christian Boltanski: Anime. Di luogo in luogo

15 Jun 2017: The Most Beautiful Cities in Europe: The Edition compiled by Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg 1572-1640

01 Jun 2017: Photographs Become Pictures: The Becher Class

25 May 2017: René Magritte: The Treachery of Images

15 May 2017: Adrian Piper, The Probable Trust Registry: The Rules of the Game #1-3

09 May 2017: Watching You, Watching Me: A Photographic Response to Surveillance

09 May 2017: The Field Has Eyes: Images of the Surveillant Gaze

02 May 2017: Fleischeslust: George Grosz in dialogue with Rainer Fetting, Sven Marquardt, Xenia Hausner, Jörn Grothkopp

19 Apr 2017: John Bock: In the Moloch of the Presence of Being

18 Apr 2017: Cornelia Schleime: A Blink of An Eye

12 Apr 2017: Modern Art Classics: Liebermann, Munch, Nolde, Kandinsky

11 Apr 2017: Impressionism: The Art of Landscape